Blackberry phones Wannabe euphoria also endemic to Asiafone. This time they called it as a glamorous qwerty phone, AF703.

AF703 is more similar to 83xx series BlackBerry phones. Lawas series first appeared as Blackberry started booming. However, this similarity was limited to just the front view, complete with a qwerty keypad. But inside it features a unique brand mobile phone China, namely TV and dual GSM.

Was given TFT screen which has a size of 2.2 inches, enough to display analog television broadcasts or photographs and video of your recording. In addition, this AF703 also equipped with FM radio, camera, MMS, WAP 2.0 and GPRS, MP3 and MP4 Player and the Bluetooth A2DP and USB plug.

Interestingly, this device features a motion sensor (sensor shake) that allows the operation and navigation menus using only the touch of motion.

The only reason launching Blackberry wannabe is that society’s interest against Facebook, email, chat and browsing. With AF703 users can perform all these services here because of its features are already integrated.

“In this first appearance, this phone qwerty attract enough customers, both in Java and outside Java. AF703 is one that appeals to consumers because the price is affordable, user can get all the necessary things,” said President Director Asiafone Herman Zhou.

At the same time, Asiafone also launched two other qwerty phones, namely AF903 and AF803. Both also dibanderol with affordable price

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